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marți, 25 februarie 2014

Essentials Mood - Part I

Every woman needs some essentials pieces in her wardrobe. I like simple, classic and casual clothes, they are timeless, always a good investment & easy to combine. Here is my first part (more to come): 

- Black and white tank (100% cotton - above Black - H&M, white - T by Alexander Wang)
- Pencil skirt (Warehouse)
- A good pair of jeans (J.Crew)
- Classic trench (Burberry is a very good choice)
- Stripes cardigan (Splendid)
- A good quality white shirt (Victoria Beckham)
- Classic high heel shoes (Christian Louboutin is a very good investment)
- Classic black handbag (Yves Saint Laurent)
- Loafers (Miu Miu)
- Statement necklace (J.Crew)
- Classic belt (Hermes)
- Timeless watch (Tissot)
- Pearl earrings
- Cocktail ring
- Precious delicate necklace 
- Red lipstick, black eye pencil and black eyeliner (Chanel, Dior, Mac)

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